Our Values

Aras Marine Investment Holding believes that institutions with a strong culture are successful. Our shared beliefs, values, and behaviour patterns are embraced by all our employees and consistently maintained. Our corporate culture fosters cohesion and decency among our workforce, fosters a sense of belonging, and generates strength.

We recognise that our employees' expertise is essential to our stakeholders' satisfaction. We believe that the most important factor in achieving our objectives is our "human resource"; as such, we invest in the training of our employees and continually ensure sustainable growth with the leaders of tomorrow.

We can achieve our goal of sustainable growth by gaining our customers' trust. To achieve this, we produce approaches that add value to our customers by meeting the needs of all the operations in which we are involved in a timely, comprehensive manner and by utilising our knowledge of producing high-quality, innovative solutions.

We believe that change is a primary means of development, so we constantly monitor world literature and leave our doors open to "experimenting" and "learning" to create new avenues.

Due to the "Nature" of our business, we carefully calculate the environmental impact of all our activities and adopt a protectionist philosophy as a starting point.

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