Social Responsibility

As Aras, we have always been aware of the future of our country, while existing professionally, and at the same time, we have always been aware of those who have fallen on us, our hands have always been under the stone. Not because of "let's keep it at one end", but because our country, aware of the fact that we cannot exist with the same power in every detail of the future, is struggling in one of the areas that other people do not want to see too much, somehow ignored, in order to attract attention, increase sensitivity, contribute to Deci-sion, "we have a responsibility!"we set out by saying, By establishing the Alpaslan Autism Foundation, we aim to contribute to the education of our children and young people, their preparation for life and to support families...
"It's not enough to be aware, let's take a step together."
Alpaslan Autism Foundation, Sapanca, Sakarya, approximately 4000m2 on a land established in conjunction with natural life provides services in its facility. There is a tennis court, walking path, bicycle path, swimming pool in the outdoor areas within the facilities of our foundation, and there is a gym, fitness room, table tennis hall and special education center in our indoor areas.
Alpaslan Autism Foundation, as individuals with autism using evidence based methods of pre-school education export, movement skills, enabling otokontrol bouts of anger, and their attachments, minimizing in their lives into a work that is talented in sports, a branch by directing the fundamental goal of improving quality of life for individuals with autism and their families there. As a result of the academic, social and self-care skills acquisition activities we carry out, we aim for autistic individuals to exist in life and contribute to production.
At the same time, we are doing activities on contributing to the creation of autism awareness in society by moving away from the feeling of "unity" with our families and "loneliness", contributing to the positive steps taken by local and national governments towards individuals with autism, trying to be a voice.

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