Social Responsibility

Mustafa Alpaslan, Honorary President of Aras Marine Investment Holding, established Alpaslan Autism Foundation and Alpaslan Special Education and Rehabilitation Center in 2019 Alpaslan Autism Foundation, which operates in Sapanca district of Sakarya, aims to be a model foundation in the field of autism spectrum disorder at national and international level by providing innovative and interdisciplinary services for individuals affected by autism, their families and other stakeholders.
Alpaslan Autism Foundation continues its services on a non-profit basis. These services include developmental and educational assessment for individuals with autism, consultancy services for parents, researchers and practitioners working in the field of autism, school-age education and adult education, vocational training services and monitoring services. Alpaslan Autism Foundation provides early intervention for preschool children with autism or at risk of developmental delays using scientifically based methods. Alpaslan Autism Foundation offers a comprehensive education model that aims to develop functional academic skills, social interaction, communication skills, daily living skills, social skills and movement skills for school-age students with autism who do not benefit from mainstreaming services and attend special education practice centers.
Alpaslan Autism Foundation offers a comprehensive model for individuals with autism in adulthood, aiming to gain independent living skills, maintain physical activity habits and expand their skill repertoire through the teaching of purposeful leisure time activities, develop vocational skills through supported employment practices and be productive in life.
In order to support and disseminate all these scientific studies, Alpaslan Autism Foundation Publishing House was established in 2021 The publishing house carries out its activities to support academicians who produce scientific works on autism in Turkey and around the world and who want to publish their works, especially the scientific studies of Alpaslan Autism Foundation.
At Alpaslan Autism Foundation, apart from the areas where educational activities are carried out, there are various indoor and outdoor spaces that offer opportunities for physical activity for individuals with autism. For physical activity, there is an indoor multi-purpose hall and a fitness center. Outdoors, there is a swimming pool, an outdoor area for sports branches such as basketball- volleyball-tennis and a track for walking-running-biking.


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