Quality, Environment And Work Safety

Since our founding, ARAS MARINE INVESTMENT HOLDING has provided services in the fields of ship salvage and marine construction as one of the country's first companies in this industry.

Our services are outlined briefly below:

  • Marine Construction Services
  • Ship Rescue
  • Removing Fuel and Cargo from the Shipwrecked/Rescue
  • Tug and Floating Crane Services
  • Underwater Operations and Measurements
  • Offshore Geotechnical Research
  • Intervention and Cleaning of Oil Pollution at Sea and on Shore
  • Conducting a Risk Assessment for Coastal Facilities and Preparing Emergency Response Plans
  • Organization of Training Seminars and Exercises for Coastal Facilities
  • Structural Analysis Studies and Trainings
  • Advanced Engineering Solutions for the Defense industry, Maritime, Marine Construction and Automotive Sectors
  • R&D Activities for the Defense industry, Maritime, Marine Construction and Automotive Deci-sions
  • R&Dec Activities
  • Repair, maintenance and construction of ships with above-water and underwater equipment


ARAS provides a service that exceeds the expectations of its customers with the principle of “Health, Safety and Environment First” in all its activities while providing its services. The Management of ARAS MARINE INVESTMENT HOLDING with the Integrated Management System of Quality, Environment, Occupational Health and Safety that we have established:

By evaluating the hazards related to the Environment, Occupational Health and Safety and their importance, it will prevent environmental accidents, occupational accidents and occupational diseases,
  • That natural resources will be used in the most efficient and effective way,
  • That it will minimize waste and dispose of waste without harming the environment,
  • That it will provide harmonious and sensitive services to the environment by preventing and reducing all kinds of pollution at its source,
  • That it will train all working personnel and related parties, increase their awareness of responsibility and competence, and ensure the participation of employees in the system,
  • To comply with national and international laws, regulations and conventions and other requirements,
  • That it will meet all customer requests and requirements of relevant standards by exceeding expectations,
  • That the Integrated Management System will constantly review and improve its current status,
  • It undertakes that this policy will be communicated to all its employees and that it will ensure their understanding.


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