Work Name
Rescue of the MT Marmara Tanker
Ship Name
MT Marmara
Event Date
January 22, 1999
Bursa / TURKEY
The Event That Took Place
A fire broke out in the Sea of Marmara, off the Gulf of Gemlik, as a result of an explosion on the Turkish-flagged 3950 DWT and 1978 GRT Marmara tanker and could be extinguished in about 30 hours.
As a result, the ship suffered great damage and caused environmental pollution. The first interventions were made by the Coastal Security and Ship Rescue Enterprises, and on January 25, 1999, the tanker was towed to Imrali Island and stranded.
Start and End Date of the Studies
February 12 – February 24, 1999: Survey/Observation
Repair, Buoyancy, Gas-Free and Fire-Free Operations of the Ship:
February Marching 25 – March 18, 1999
Related Organizations
-The Shipowners' Protection Ltd. of UK (P&I Club)
-Wireler Denizcilik AŞ (Donatan)
-Environmental Maritime Ship Supply Services Transportation San. and tic. Ltd.
-Vitsan Agency and Trade INC. (Representative of the P&I Club and the Donator)
-GEMSAN Ship and Ship Management
-Burgoynes Consulting Scientists and Engineers
-Birkenhead & Associates Ltd.
-Coastal Safety and Ship Rescue Enterprises
-Undersecretariat of Maritime Affairs, Istanbul Regional Directorate
-World Shipping and Trade INC.
-ITU Istanbul Technical University, Faculty of Shipbuilding and Marine Sciences
-ITU Istanbul Technical University, Faculty of Maritime
-Tuzla Port Authority
Scope of the Studies
On behalf of Donatan, the survey/supervision work related to the cargo transfer and the closure of the ship's wounds, buoyancy, towing to Tuzla by tug, gas-free and fire-free operations of
the works to be performed have been given to our company with the contract made.
In case of a problem depending on the meri laws and regulations related to the prevention of marine pollution, in order to protect the rights of the ship's owner, the cargo transfer operation should
from the beginning to the conclusion of the operation, all operations performed by the rescuers, the equipment used and the information about the working personnel were given to our company by the ship's outfitter to be recorded by conducting a survey / inspection. In this context, supervision in the following operations
has been done:
- ITU Shipbuilding and Marine Sciences with the personnel of the World Maritime and Trade authorized by the Coastal Safety and Ship Rescue Enterprises and the equipment specific to the limbo operation
Arrival of a lecturer from the Faculty to Imrali,
-Surrounding the ship with barriers in case of leakage,
-Chemical analysis studies carried out on board,
-Transfer of contaminated water on board to an authorized tanker,
-Evacuation of usable normal and super gasoline contained in the ship's tanks.
Since the repair, flotation, gas-free and fire-free operations of the ship were assigned to our company, the ship was delivered to our company in Tuzla and the following operations were carried out in accordance with the directives of the P&I Club and under the supervision of:
-As a result of gas measurements made by a chemical engineer from ITU Maritime Faculty, a dangerous amount of explosive gas was detected on the ship. On top of that, gas-free transactions
it has been carried out.
-All tanks are ventilated with suitable fans and explosive gases are allowed to escape. After that, the tanks were cleaned with steam.
-The resulting dirty waters and seawater contaminated with gasoline entering the ship through the existing holes were loaded into the slop tanker and delivered to Environmental Maritime for disposal has been.
- The gas-forming rust and mud deposits have been thoroughly cleaned by our gas masked personnel. About 10 tons of waste collected, filled into bags and to be disposed of
as a result, it was delivered to Environmental Maritime.
-The areas of the ship that were damaged due to the high temperature caused by the explosion and fire, where holes and cracks formed, were repaired and closed by our divers.
-The fuel detected in the cargo tanks has been discharged.
-Tanks containing sea water mixed with gasoline have also been emptied.
-Finally, after the gas-free report received, the ship was delivered to its owner.
-During the works, our Pehlivan II and Submersible tug and the Sema II tanker belonging to Çevre Denizcilik, where bilge water and slope were delivered, took part.

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