Ship Name
MT Tajfun
Event Date
December 17, 2003
Çanakkale / TURKEY
The Event That Took Place
As a result of an accident that occurred about 500 m off Ayazma Mevki in the southwest of Bozcaada, the British-flagged Tajfun tug boat, 190 GRT and 57 NRT, ran aground with the Delphine XXII sea bus under tow and posed a serious risk of marine pollution due to diesel fuel, oil and bilge water in the fuel tank.
Start and End Date of the Studies
January December 30, 2003 – January 6, 2004: Removal of Fuel and Oil
October 1, 2007 – October 19, 2007 Removal of Tajfun's Wreckage:
Related Organizations
- Guest Krieger Ltd. (P&I Club)
- Panmar SA Marine Management (Donatan Tu)
- Vitsan Agency and Trade INC. (P&I Club Representative)
- Cerrahgil Shipping Agency (Tajfun's Maritime Agency)
- Hil-Kum Ship Handling (Aras' Agent)
- Bozcaada Port Authority
- Çanakkale Governorship, Provincial Environment and Forestry Directorate
- Çanakkale Customs Directorate
- Ideal Construction
- Bozcaada Municipality
- Bozcaada Peace Civil Court
- Undersecretariat of Maritime Affairs, Çanakkale Regional Directorate
- General Directorate of Shipbuilding and Shipyards
Scope of the Studies
January December 30, 2003 – January 6, 2004 (Removal of Fuel and Oil):
- Before the start of the works, the ship was surrounded by oil barriers against the risk of leaks that may occur during operations, and oil-absorbing materials and plastic barrels in which they will be collected were kept ready.
- Under the control of Customs Directorate officials, a total of 21,000 liters of transit diesel fuel (from Tajfun and Delphine XXII), which pose a serious marine pollution hazard, were not damaged, were completely removed as of January 3, filled into 21 plastic tanks of 1000 liters each and given to a ship belonging to Tajfun's equipment, which went abroad after being temporarily stored at Ideal Construction.
- As of January 4, about 5000 liters of bilge water and 800 liters of lubricating oil were filled into barrels and 1000 liter tanks and removed from Tajfun and placed under storage at the municipal dock. After that, it was given to an authorized organization for disposal.
- Gas-free operations have been carried out in Tajfun and the ship has been made safe.
- Since the ship's stay at sea as a wreck causes environmental pollution, an application has been made to the Bozcaada Court to determine that the ship can no longer be floated and that it is a scrap. This situation was also documented by the report issued by the experts appointed by the court on February 17, 2004, explaining the decision that “the ship cannot be floated and is in an unusable scrap condition in this state”.
October 1, 2007 – October 19, 2007 Removal of the Wreckage of Tajfun (October 1, 2007 - October 19, 2007):
- The ship was purchased by Aras, after obtaining the necessary permits, Decapitation and dismantling operations were started on October 1 and the operation was completed on October 19 after the breaks due to weather opposition.
- Before starting operations, Tajfun is surrounded by barriers against the danger of environmental pollution.
- Then, with the help of our divers, the Tajfun was cut into three pieces underwater and the removed scrap was sold.
During the operations, our floating crane Hercules, Reis 6 and Vega 3 tugs were used.

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