Cleaning of Oil Pollution caused by the Cargo Ship MSC Roberta, Çanakkale

Ship Name
MSC Roberta
Event Date
April 3, 2005
Gallipoli - Çanakkale / TURKEY
The Event That Took Place
As a result of an accident that occurred when the Greek-flagged AegeanWind ship crashed into the Panama-flagged, 39,892 GRT MSC Roberta cargo ship off the Port of Gallipoli, fuel oil was spilled into the sea from the tanks of the MSC Roberta ship and quickly spread to the environment, creating intense environmental pollution in the Dardanelles Region. Intense environmental pollution has occurred in more than 72 km of the Dardanelles Strait, Asian and European coasts.
Start and End Date of the Studies
April July 14, 2005 – July 20, 2005
Related Organizations
- Marine Cleanliness Examination and Evaluation Commission
- International Tanker Ownerspollution Confederation (ITOPF)
- Gür Attorney's Office (Legal Advisor of the Donator)
- TheShipowners’ P&I Club
- Vitsan Agency and Trade INC. (P&I Club Representative)
- Çanakkale Governorship, Provincial Environment and Forestry Directorate
- Istanbul University, Institute of Marine Sciences and Management
- Gallipoli Port Authority
- Directorate of Coastal Safety and Ship Rescue Operations
- Coast Guard Çanakkale Group Command
- Gallipoli Municipality
- Çanakkale Provincial Office of Accounting
- Star Transportation and Video Exchanger
- Akçansa Cement Industry and Trade INC.
The Studies Carried Out
In accordance with the determinations made by the ITOPF and the Examination and Evaluation Commission, studies have been started and the following actions have been carried out under their supervision:
- Due to the fuel oil spread as a result of an accident, environmental pollution occurring on beaches, piers, fishing shelters and coastal areas in the Canakkale Region and in the Gallipoli-Eceabat-Kilitbahir Region has been cleaned using hot water jets, manpower and environmentally friendly chemicals.
- In addition, the areas with pollution have been surrounded by oil barriers and the sea has been cleaned using oil-absorbing materials. The contaminated oil-absorbing materials collected were collected in plastic bags in certain areas.
- Contaminated stones and other materials have been collected.
- The last time on July 14, 2005, the collected wastes were sent to Akçansa for disposal.
- On July 20, the operation was terminated with a report in which the commission announced that it found the cleaning works carried out appropriate.

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