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Aras Marine Technologies Institute (AR-TECH), as a part of Aras Marine Investment Holding; is offering locally and internationally accredited academic programs, training programs and courses at the highest standard and it has been organised to meet the educated human needs of our country and the world in marine construction and marine technologies sectors.  

With our highly experienced instructors and fully equipped Maritime Simulator Centre (MARSIC), we aim our students to face the difficulties they may encounter in marine technologies and marine construction sector and prepare them to future with the support of scenario-based training and simulator training on possible risks and necessary measures.

In the light of the experiences that we have gained from the projects within the Aras Marine Investment Holding in marine construction and marine technologies; Our main goal is to train our students at a level that can make the most accurate decision in the most critical situations by examining the topics which we are expert in a disciplined manner.

As a trusted voice for many of most successful organisations, we use and will use our knowledge in the fields of marine construction and marine technologies to set sector benchmarks, keep pace with global transformations, inspire developments and create inventions based on needs.

We are also a prominent solution partner that manage risk, improve safety and asset performance for offshore natural gas and oil pipelines projects, offshore operation facilities, offshore constructions, salvage, wreck removal and more. We are in a position to meet the project-based training needs of local and global companies operating in this field with the right techniques and simulators.

Aras Marine Technologies Institute (AR-TECH), which started with the vision of our Honorary President Mustafa ALPARSLAN, who has given its purpose and effort for years, has taken its place among the prominent educational institutions in the world and Turkiye that provide competent human resources to the sector, evaluate the projects, produce new technologies and solutions to the difficulties encountered.


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