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Social Responsibility


All children are our future and all children are the future of all of us. We work together for our future, we fight together, we express together.


While ARAS will exist professionally in the future of our country, we were always aware of what falls upon us, we have always been under this burden. Being aware of the fact that we   cannot exist with the same force in every detail in future of our country, we set forth by saying not "let's hold it from one end", but to fight in one of the areas that other people do not want to see much and to attract attention, to increase sensitivity, to contribute to the solution that "we have a responsibility!". By establishing Alpaslan Autism Foundation, we aim to contribute to the education of our children and the youth, their preparation for life and to support their families ...

"Being aware is not sufficient, let us take a step together."

Alpaslan Autism Foundation,

Sapanca, Sakarya; provides service in its premises established on a land of approximately 4000m² with natural life. The outdoor areas within the facilities of our foundation have tennis courts, walking tracks, bicycle paths, swimming pools, and indoor areas include sports halls, fitness centers. There is a table tennis hall and a special training center.

As Alpaslan Autism Foundation, our main  goal is to provide pre-school education to autistic individuals by evidence based methods,  to provide mobility skills to them, to minimize their anger attacks and obsessions by providing self-control, to increase the quality of life for them and their families by directing them to  branches in which they are talented in sports.

As a result of the academic, social and self-care skills we carry out, we aim for autistic individuals to exist in life and contribute to production.

At the same time, we organize activities and try to be a voice to local and national governments to contribute positive steps towards autistic individuals, and to the society to contribute to the awareness of autism by moving the feeling of "loneliness" from our families, but giving the families feeling of "unity".