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President's message


Our team works all over the world with experience in advanced engineering projects in many specialties by adhering to the strictest safety standards .


Our team, which has gained experience in advanced engineering projects in many specialties, works all over the world, always adhering to the strictest safety standards.

Since the day we were founded, we continue to achieve rapidly our goals of becoming a world brand in the specialized areas of maritime, such as marine construction, salvage, debris removal, emergency response to marine accidents, underwater technologies and open support services, which we have been operating since the day we were founded.

While the dynamics of a rapidly changing world, we closely follow the visionary perspective with our energetic staff, whom are open to education and training and work devotedly, and we  are proud to contribute to “Producing Strong Turkey”.

Our employees of all levels are of great importance as a member of the ARAS MARINE INVESTMENT HOLDING family. We strongly believe that these young and dynamic staff will carry ARAS by growing it from generation to generation. While taking firm steps towards our goals,  we promise that we will continue to create added value to our customers, employees and our country by developing collaborations that will strengthen  our strength without losing our essence and values ​​on this journey.