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We consider the future, first we care the human.

Our team, havingthe  the experience in advanced engineering projects in many specialties, works all over the world, always adhering to the strictest safety standards.


In 1995 with the experience and self-confidence we have accumulated up to that day, we continue to proceed confidently on the way we set out to become a Turkish company known in international waters by constantly raising our goals, learning, renewing and multiplying.

In every project we worked on during the development and growth of our company, we contributed to the process of increase of trust not only in our company but also in companies and experts of our country.

Our teammates at all levels, especially our senior management, follow closely the developments and new technologies in the world; look for ways to overcome all difficulties encountered or may be encounter, and to develop, invest in knowledge and open new horizons.

We believe that investing in people is the most real investment for the future.

Today; we, as a visionary company that produces added value,  are proud of being  a huge family fulfilling the conditions of being remembered with respect in all waters of the world, taking human and R&D investment priorities, and having common goals and values.